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Multiple Garmin Connect Activities On One Map

Last Updated: Fri Aug 8 21:59:38 2014

Example Map
A snippet of my map; click for larger version
Example Map
View Barrett's cycle across the US
Example Map
View Jordan's cycle across Canada

Garmin Connect is pretty useful. It can give you loads of statistics about your activity, including a map of where you went. But the one killer feature that doesn't (currently) exist is the ability to see multiple activities on a single Google Map.

I have various Garmin devices (Forerunners 405 and 910xt, Edge 800) and I find them immensely useful as they allowed me to marvel at the various routes I had taken when I got back home, plus see how fast I'd gone, how much I'd climbed etc. Maybe I'm a data hungry monkey, I don't know, but I just find it really helps keep me motivated.

Garmin Connect helps me keep track of my runs, but there's no way to have a map with multiple runs on it. Why would you want this? Well, for me, it is so that I could look at the city I live in (Edinburgh) and see how much of it I have covered.

This 'Activities' web application allows anyone to keep your own map up to date with new activities. It allows a user to register and upload their maps directly from Garmin Connect, without you having to download them yourself first.

Therefore, if you want to see a single map with multiple activities on it, try this out. You can see my map to get an idea as to what it's going to look like. Or maybe you're taking on a long haul road trip, much like Barrett, who did Bike & Build across the US, or Jordan, who did Bike for Bricks across Canada, and want to see the full map of your journey? Click on their maps on the right to see their journey... the maps for Barrett and Jordan are made up of multiple Garmin activities, and since they are setting off each day from where they ended the previous day, it looks like one single activity!

Roadmap / ToDo

The ToDo list is as follows; if other people end up using this and have ideas, send me a message and I'll get back to you asap. I used to have a bulletin board for that, but I've removed it due to mass spam messages being sent to it; it just wasn't worth the hassle...